Painting Services


We offer a multitude of interior home painting services. Every fine detail is completely looked over, allowing peace of mind for the entire process. Taking care of all wall deficiencies and sanding for a smooth finish, we provide professional, high quality work in every room of your home. Our interior painting includes:

  • Moving furniture away from the walls and areas to be painted
  • Removing, cleaning and replacing outlet plates and switches.
  • Sanding all necessary walls
  • Patching and prepping all holes with a spot primer to ensure repairs don’t flash through
  • Caulking where necessary
  • Taping of baseboards for straight lines and no overspray
  • Covering all floors and furniture
  • We provide 2 top coats of high quality paint to ensure a complete, and solid finish.


We provide high quality exterior home painting services from spring to late summer. We know how quickly Alberta’s weather can change, and how having the proper quality paints or stains are important. We provide painting and staining for the exterior of homes, whether it be stucco or wood siding. This also includes facia, soffit, doors, door frames, window frames, and garage doors and frames, as well as some of those hard to reach peaks. We also provide painting and staining for your decks, fences, beam, sheds and pillars etc., around the exterior of your home. Our exterior painting includes:

  • Any necessary scraping of old peeling paint
  • Sanding of rough surfaces before applying paint.
  • Any necessary priming on bare wood before painting or staining
  • Filling of holes or corners to create a smooth finish
  • Caulking where needed

Railings and More

A cost effective method to give your home a fresh and new look with amazing results. Spraying railings and other pieces of your home gives a fine finish, with a modern and updated feel. We keep everything covered and enclosed to ensure that other parts of your home are kept clean and free of overspray. Our painting services include: 

  • Railings throughout your home
  • Properly covering all areas to prevent any overspray
  • Crown Moulding